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1. Would you rather eat a dead rat or cut seven of your veins?
dead rat
seven of my veins
both sound horrible so im not going to choose.(me: wll then!)
2. Would you rather eat crap or drink pee?
drink pee
eat crap
No way im doing that!(me: your no fun!)
3. Would you rather have lice or crabs?
I alrady have lice/crabs (me: ha i got you no bad choices!)
4. Would you rather dink lemonade or drink posin?
Lemonade DUH!
Posion i want to die
who knows both bad
5. Would you rather have an acting correr or a singing correr?
I dont know it`s hard to choose...... acting.
Singing i`m rocking at it!
6. Would you rather be murderd or commit suiside?
Suiside i was going to do that anyway!
Murder i dont want to kill myself
either i dont care.
7. Would you rather only watch anime for the rest of your life or only watch the discovery channal?
Hard to choose i like them both
Either there so boring (me: why do you have to pick this one?)
8. Would you rather die right now or die ten years later while everyone you love hates you?
Die right now
Ten years later baby
I dont want to die!!!!
9. Would you rather only be able to type or write for the rest of you life?
Does it matter?
10. Would you rather this be the last question or it not be?
No dont leave
I dont care

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Times Taken:2,000
Created on:5/11/2009 2:15:15 PM
Made by:SexyPooh

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