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`Would you rather` game!!
hope you like it!

1. Would you rather eat 3 spiders every month or get stung by 10 bees every month?
2. Would you rather scream "Tinky Winky!" During math class, or would you rather scream a bad word in front of a random old lady?
Bad word
Tinky Winky!
3. Would you rather spend the rest of your life eating cheese curls or spending the rest of your life eating pickles?
Cheese curls
4. Would you rather sleep on a hard floor for every night for a whole week or run a mile every day for a whole week?
Run a mile.
Sleep on floor.
5. Would you rather kill a spider and all of its eggs, or put a bunch of severe dents on your dad`s favorite expensive car?
Dents on car.
Kill the spiders.
6. Would you rather keep choosing bad things you`d rather do or start thinking about good things you`d rather do?
Good things.
Bad things.
7. Would you rather have a power to fly or to talk to animals and they talk to you back?
8. would you rather have a really tall tree that you could climb and never fall off in your back yard or have a trampoline that you can bounce off all the way to the clouds and back without hurting yourself?
bouncy trampoline
safe tall climbing tree
9. Would you rather get an autograph from a famous person that you really like or would you rather have the person that you have a crush on fall in love with you and get married to you?
My crush!!!
10. Would you rather never go to school again but still be smart, or to be the most famous person on earth?
no more school!
most famous!!
11. Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet hippogryph? (neither of them would hurt anything/anyone)
12. Would you rather stop taking this quiz or keep taking it?
Stop taking, thank god its over!!
Continue taking it, darnet its over!!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:2,449
Created on:3/23/2008 1:21:00 PM
Made by:indigo_aura

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