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The Hate Justina Blooper  Love Pikachu and Kittenz Quiz quiz. Death   Justina  LUV Pikachu and Kittenz  eva  Comment on what you chose  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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The Hate Justina Blooper, Love Pikachu and Kittenz Quiz
Death 2 Justina! LUV Pikachu and Kittenz 4eva! Comment on what you chose!

1. Do you think the picture is cute?
2. How `bout this one?
Eww. What IS that? A rat spinning a twig(Me: DIE!)
3. Don`t you wish Pikachu was real?
^-no way, probablyit will ELECTROcute everyone.
4. Justin Bieber.
OWW! MY EYES!v how can you think this THING is cute andnot pikachu?
EEEEK! so cute!
5. Kitty.
His eyes glimmer like Justin Bieber`s, (sigh`s dreamily)
6. Dobby kitty.
Haha! That does look like Dobby. And Justin Bieber.
Eww. Let me look at that dreamy justy Wusty from the other question.
7. Justin Bieber used Sing on Psyduck! Psyduck`s status
his Sp. Attack rose, for the attack gave him a worse headache! But Oh No! He became Confused and CT
(don`t pick) Asleep too! Trainer ___ used an Awakening! Psyduck woke up! (Need to watch episodes)
Infatuated and Asleep.
8. Bad Kitty. Choose punishment.
Justina Beaver songs.
Taking this quiz.
9. Good kitty! Choose reward.
Catnip pile and videos of dogs being punished.
Huge scratching post and Justin Bieber videos.
10. I iz high on katnip.
Lolz. I`m puttin my kat under therapy.
Katnip and Justin foreva!
11. Another NEPETA CATARIA high cat.
Punish it with Fanny Cyrus songs.
Kitty high? Bad kitty. good Bieber. Drewy Wuey iz my kitty.
12. Lightning!
AAAAAHHH! Keep it away from my Bieby Weiby!
13. Pikachu with kitty!
Pikacu use Thunderbolt, Meowth use Fury Swipes on The Grossnas Brothers!
Eww. Team Rocket is trying to capture Pikachu. JustinyWustiny will save him! (Me: You`ll Kill PikI!
14. Person on right is Justina Beaver. You`re
The person on left.
The third person viewer, rushing to save your Justy Wusty.
15. Pikacu uses Volt Tackle on whom?
Justina Beaver of course!
Beiby Weiby haters.
16. Pokabu. Pokabu destroys whom.
Justina Beaver of course!
Drewy Wuey haters.
17. Of course youve seen this vid, right? (choose closest) Search Pikachu Dango Female Vocals version on youtube.
Yes! ITS SOOOO CUTE!(Me: I watched it 5 times and I still love it!)
No, I`ve been watching my Justy Wusty.
18. Aww! (Also Dango)
19. Pachirisu and Pikachu!
Justy and I.../Miley and I...
20. If you like the quiz and hate Justina, Pikachu loves you. If you like Justina, but not the quiz, Pikachu kills you with a Thunderbolt. If you like both, Pikachu doesn`t kill you, but hurts you with a Volt Tackle. If you don`t like either, Pikachu CT
(don`t pick) mad, but he doesn`t zap you. What do you choose? (Me: Yes, I made the picture)

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Created on:7/15/2010 3:05:14 PM
Made by:lightningkid

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