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What rapper are you?
Find out what rapper you are.

1. I used to...
Work at a resteraunt
Be in a TV show
2. I rap about...
Anything and everything.
Random subjects.
Situations in life.
Mainly sex and other stuff.
3. What`s your favorite color? ( Don`t kill me! I`m not trying to be a hypocrite! )
Other... mine isn`t up here :(
4. How many albums do you have out?
5. What do you think of death?
Phh! What I live for.
Depends on my mood, really.
Why would I want to die? This life is too quick.
6. Do your songs ever send a message?
Quite a few of them.
Nah, my songs? I rap about things BESIDES lessons.
About half of them.
7. Rate or comment? (No effect, and don`t kill me for this, either!)
Yeah, sure! Cool quiz.
I guess, interesting quiz.
Maybe... maybe not...
No, this quiz sucked!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:4,714
Created on:10/10/2009 10:44:37 AM
Made by:Gibbus43

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