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What rank of fox are you?
i love foxes

1. What id your duty in the pack?
to lead them
to help the leader
i have no pack you retard
to tell everyone about everything
2. what is your color?
dark blue
night black
pink of course
3. where do you reside?
on a throne
by the leaders side
the shadows
in my spy car
4. how much do other foxes respect you?
very little
they fear and respect me
almost as much as the leader
5. who do you perfer to be with?
no one
by my leader
with my helpful and loyal partner
6. do you like to fight alot?
to protect my pack
yes, everyone hates me.
no never! in WAY to fragile!!!!
when i have to, i will serve my leader

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Created on:5/20/2008 11:53:19 AM
Made by:DarkestBlack

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