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What rank would you be in the Army?
If you joined the army, how high would you go? (e)

1. There are two hostiles in a building. There is a tower a little down the street. What do you do?
Have two guys on each door stack up, and breach.
Do whatever the team is doing.
Go to the tower and wait till the time is right and snipe `em.
Cover you teammates from the tower while they breach.
Call in a air strike
Quit the army
Run in and shoot like mad!
Crawl through the window and stab them silently.
Plant C4s to blow up the building.
Throw stun grenades in and run in and take them out.
2. There is one of your teammates wounded in a bus with bullets raining down on the bus. What do you do?
Just leave him. The bus will blow up soon and you could die trying to save him.
Run in and save your buddy!
Wait for reinforcements!
Pick off a few guys, then run in there and call a medic!
Just kill all the hostiles, so they`ll stop firing at him.
Call in air support.
Throw grenades at the enemy!
Take out your silencer and crawl up behind their gunner and take it out.
Cry, cuz you`ll never see your friend again.
Get in a rage and start running and gunning.
3. You are gunner in a helicopter. You think you are done with all the guys, when reinforcements pour out of the enemy building. WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!?!
Shoot and don`t stop shooting till you run out of ammo!
Blind fire in bursts.
Leave them be.
Jump out of the helicopter!!!
Throw grenades!!!!
Call in an air strike! :D
Deploy your special forces team out of the helicopter.
Let the pilot use missiles.Boom!
Throw C4s and detonate as soon as they hit ground.
4. You are stuck in a field with hostiles patrolling. What do you do?
Crawl ever so slowly. You have camoflauge, they won`t see you.
Pick `em off with a silencer.
Strap some dynamite to your self and start running. ALLAHHHHH!!!!
Call in an air strike! (getting bored of this option?)
Use a distraction to get away,like a grenade.
Stay there and pray they don`t find you.
Commandeer a jeep and start running over them.
Pick a target and wait for orders.
Radio for reinforcements.
Pretend you`re one of them. You can speak German/Iraqi.
5. What would your primary weapon be?
Assault rifle.
M29 SAW!!!!!(Machine gun)
M4 Carbine.(Shoots 3 at a time.)
Radio.(For air strikes.Lol.)
Hs-90.(super fast, but not too powerful.)
Sub-machine gun.
6. Now i`m not one of those annoying quizmakers, that ask if you are gonna rate. So.....gonna rate?! Won`t affect outcome.
no, they are too lazy

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