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What rank would you be in a wolf pack?
Take this quiz to find out what rank you would be in a wolf pack! (sorry if it's really long)

1. If you were in a battle, what position would you play?
I would lead the battle!
I would be a fighter!
I would circle around, and fight from a distance.
I would try my best to fight, but probably wouldn`t be much help...
I would flee! I don`t want to be in battle!
2. How would you describe your personality in one word?
3. (be honest) Which one do you think you would fit in?
High class rankings
Middle class rankings
Lower class rankings
Unclassified rankings
4. If you were a wolf in which area would you most likely be skilled?
Skilled in fighting
Skilled in hunting
Skilled in speed and agility
Skilled in intelligence
I don`t know...
5. If your friends laughed at somebody who fell down would you laugh, too?
It depends on who fell down
I would maybe laugh a little, but then I would go to help them up.
Of coarse I would laugh! I can`t help it!
I wouldn`t laugh and I quickly go try to help them up!
I would help he person up and yell at my friends to stop laughing!
I would walk away from my friends
6. If you are on a sports team and one of the team players get ill and you have a game coming up, what do you do?
Make them sit out, it`s best for the team.
Ask the sick person if they would like to sit out.
I would encourage them to play and help them to get better before the game.
Try to go easy on that person and hope that they get better
I wouldn`t really care
I`d be the one who was sick...
7. What role would you play in a pack hunt?
I`d be one of the lead hunters
I`d circle around the prey
I`d be another group hunter
I don`t go on pack hunts
I hunt my own food, I don`t need a pack to get a successful hunt
8. On a scale of 1-6 (6 being the fastest) how fast are you?
9. Your friends are arguing a lot and it`s very annoying, what do you do?
Go right up to them and firmly tell them to stop
I just won`t get involved
I would try to help them work it out as best I can
10. Are you headstrong?
Yes! Very!
Kind of, it depends.
I don`t know what that means
11. Are you adventurous?
Yes! All the time!
Most of the time!
Once again, it depends on my mood.
12. Do you think of yourself as a leader? (Please be honest!)
All the time!
Yeah pretty much.
Yes, but not very often.
I guess....
Nope. Not at all.
I`m independent, I`m the leader of my own world.
13. If you were a wolf, what role would you play in the pack?
Leading the pack, leading patrols, determining pack rules, deciding ranks for other wolves.
Organizing pack, patrolling territory, hunting.
Guarding the pack, patrolling territory
Giving wise advice, watching over the pups, sometimes serve as a medic
Patrolling territory, delivering messages, spying.
Fighting and defending
Hunting and guarding prey from scavengers
Pack? I don`t need a pack!
I don`t know.
14. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the greatest) how competitive are you?

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