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What Rank Are You And Whats Your Name   Warrior Cats  quiz. You can be Leader Deputy Medicine Cat A Warrior Queen Apprentice Elder or Kit Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Rank Are You And Whats Your Name? (Warrior Cats)
You can be Leader,Deputy,Medicine Cat,A Warrior,Queen,Apprentice,Elder or Kit

1. It`s Leaf-Bare! Theirs not enough prey! What do you do!
Share with your Clan-Mate or your Mate!
Not Eat And Give it to my kits! Their more important!
Take It all for myself! (and then plot to kill the leader and the deputy) MWAHAHAHAHA
2. You`re picked to go on Dawn patrol but You/Your mate is/are expecting kits! What you say?
Um I can`t sorta can`t come on the patrol! Im/ My mate`s expecting and I want to stay in camp!
Ignore your mate/your kits and go on the patrol!
3. Your Clanmate Fallensnow`s kits have fallen down the Leader`s Cleft! Both kits are bleeding! What do you do?
Run to get Auralife! This are your kin for StarClan sake!
Your the medicine cat! order your apprentice Snowpaw to the medicine cat den! Get some herbs!

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Created on:2/11/2012 12:26:03 PM
Made by:AuraAurora

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