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1. I`m bleeding. EAT THE BLOOD!!!
Don`t you mean drink.
Sure. MMMM taste like dirt.
No way it looks like pooh.
2. Boom! Iraq exploded.
I wish I was there.
My rat friends. Nooooooooo!
Cool war is over.
3. It`s freezing outside.
I should make some ice cream.
Chop Socky Chooks!!
Get a sweater.
4. Blahargin!!
Exuse me.
HO HO HO!!!!!!!! (what did you just call me)
I like funerals. They`re very cheerful.
Whats wrong with you.
5. Did you not really not or something not like this quiz?
Yes or No
I`m so confused.

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Times Taken:1,586
Created on:3/30/2008 12:24:28 PM
Made by:Wolfpup190

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