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Randommmseeessssss number  HaR HaR  quiz. hello all  yes that be right  Angie be bored again   hmmmm  mwa and big old hugs to all   p Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Randommmseeessssss number2 HaR HaR!
hello all, yes that be right, Angie be bored again...hmmmm *mwa and big old hugs to all* (p)

1. Are you just taking this because of the evil monkeys?
Yes, why else to take a quiz?
No it`s the worms with germs that are dominating my city.... *sigh*
Prdon me sir, but do you know the way to myspace?
I havn`t eaten today... but at least I had some breakfast tomorrow...wha?
2. when I got to the dance club...
My isiter gave me her hiccups to hold because she wanted to get a drink from the bar
I found that i was actually in a space ship... eird, that`s the second time this week...
The chickens and I danced...duh!
3. My little friend is...
An evil monkey
My pet turtle... they`re so cute...
cheese sandwich!
4. Will you hurt the flies?
No, i`d never hurt a fly
YES! *squish*

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Created on:9/5/2007 9:09:43 PM
Made by:michigoth

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