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are you randomly random? #3
o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0.o.0 dont ask.

1. respect your elders!!!
oh i do!
hey! they stole my idea!
2. and respect pink unicorns.
unicorns arn`t real! its definitly ilogicle!
wow! so unicorns do exist!
3. but most importantly respect your polar bears!
i don`t have one.
does that mean i have to let mine go?!?
4. if you remembered, i lke pie. on wednesdays.
i can give you some
goodbye polar bear. what oh, A FLY WENT UP MY NOSE!!!
5. do you like this quiz?
yeah whatever.
6. you better like it because this is the last question.
i said its fine.
and no more keeping my unicorn either.

About This Quiz
Times Taken:2,088
Created on:4/12/2009 9:51:25 AM
Made by:qawaq

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