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The random quiz!
YAY! I love random things...... they just brighten my day. (e)

1. Your 3rd cousin twice removed on his mother`s side invites you to a big party he`s having!
Ewww gross! I hate party`s.....
I will go and show off with some MAD DANCE SKILLS!
I`ll show up and eat as much as I can!
Cool! I`ve never been invited to a party before!
2. How do you like your chicken?
Fried in tea
I dont eat chicken
Um.....B.B.Q. I guess?
3. What type of music do you listen to?
Anything soothing.........
4. Can potatoes dance????!????!?!
In my head they can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only on Wendsday!
I dont know, I eat them too fast.....
Whats a potatoe?
Yes! But not as good as me......
5. How easily do you get distracted?
*chases after butterfly*
I never get distracted!
*eats rice*
6. Well thats it!
*cry* I`ll miss you!!!!!!!!
*goes to eat rice*
Oh well, Im late for dance class anyway.
Well that was a waste of my time!

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