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How random are you???
How random are you? your about to find out!

1. What do you do when someone says ohh looky a timebomb?
WaLk InTo ThE TiMeBoMb
say walk into it, I dare you
Uh what is it?
2. I say Hi
Well i sAIZ CHICKEN PIE!!!!!
Go away newb
ooh lookit dat a fwying pig(runs away)
3. You are given a pie what do you do with it?
Save it until its april foolz den slap it in someones face
Eat it before it gets cold
4. What do you dress up as on halloween
a stuffed turkey
A mobile phone
A vampire
5. You are given the choice to listen to any sound at all, what sound do you choose?
someone doing a poo/farting
A Normal song
Roblox`s theme tune

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Times Taken:2,889
Created on:12/25/2010 6:14:25 PM
Made by:Hypersycos

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