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I'm kinda testing how to do this..... it doesn't make sense, does it?

1. What`s your fav. question?
the all important fav color!!!! no, i`m serious
the situation questions!
none! I hate every question!!! Aurgg!
all is wonderful! sparkle sparkle
I just do this when I`m bored, you know.
animal questions!
well, i like anime.....
2. Are you a obsesive kind of person? of what?
none of your dang bisuness!!!
anime..... ( you`re so my type! )
all things wonderful!
omg! shopping `course! hehehe!
my hair! it`s more gorgeous then all of you!
darkness .... me: ..................kool
uhhh...... nothing.
wow, you`re a freak!
3. Are you a member? how do you make a thing called results? he he...
I`m not one....
I may be a member, but i won`t help you.....
ok, I`ll tell you in the comments!

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Times Taken:1,878
Created on:10/27/2008 8:00:19 PM
Made by:cutsipie200

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