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Random Questions Quiz!
Back by popular demand! Check out the original!

1. have you ever been told to wash your hands but you start brushing your teeth?
You want me to wash my hands? Okay! *brush brush*
Doe, a deer, a female deer..........
Ray, a drop of golden sun! God, I love that song! And, no. But I have started running a bath instead
2. Have you ever wanted to try weird food combinations such as anchovies and pickles?
Yup! I`m eating a banana, peach and mayonaise sandwich with brie cheese right now!
That sounds so good! Where can I buy it?
Not food, but I do like mashed up beetles and cow poo smoothies!
3. Do you believe your feet are more intelligent than your brain?
They are, duh! I can eat my feet but not my brain!
Me, a name, I call myself........
Far, a long,long way to run........ That song is so addictive! And no, I don`t think so!
4. If you aren`t from America have you ever wondered what Bologna is and why it has such a stupid sounding name?
Yeah! And what is it???????????
It sounds like dried toenails.
I`m so thirsty!!!!!!!! Help me!!!!!
5. Would you believ me if I said I once had a tadpole called Fitzgerald Jeremiah Frederick Fitzy Malone?
I know you. Yet I won`t say! Mwahahahaha!
No- it is far too short a name!
Sew, a needle pulling thread...........
6. Would you believ me if I said I am charging you $40000 dollars to read this quiz?
Hah! i`m going click out without finishing! Now you can`t charge me!
La, a note that follows sew.........
Tea, a drink with jam and bread! I think that this is the end!
7. My printer is evil.
I sympathize. Mine is too. It keeps on.....staring at me.
ARRRRRGH! i always knew that the printers would turn on us!!!!!

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Created on:10/26/2008 9:01:57 PM
Made by:vegebrain

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