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Random Questions Quiz  It s the well    randomest quiz ever  quiz. The title says it all  i think  And yes  my mental life is stable    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Random Questions Quiz! It`s the well... randomest quiz ever!
The title says it all, i think. And yes, my mental life is stable. (e)

1. I like to eat peaches with peanut butter.
Ew.... gross.
So do I! Besties!
You said questions, not comments!
Poor you. Try PB with apple.
2. Next to my desk is a big plant.
I have a plant near my desk too! ultimate Besties!
Um.... so? should i care?
I am so going to bury this quiz. Then ask all my friends to bury it.
How big a plant? Huh, huh? Tell me!
3. If you stare at the sun it hurts your eyes.
Yeah, I beleive i was told that when i was 3.
Thanks for the advice!
Does it make your eyeballs peal? Coz thats whats happened to me...
Yawn. Wake me up when you`ve finished.
4. Do you pick out lint in your belly button?
Sure... why do you ask?
Ew! Thats almost as gross as the first question!
I eat it! Yum!
What is lint?
5. I`m so sleepy.
You should go to sleep on time! *yes mommy*
You deserve it! Mwahahahaha!
So am i. Besties....again!
Rainbows, and lollipops, and sweet things, keep on happening toooo me....
6. Have you ever hidden inside a cardboard box?
Yeah, I`m in one now.... why do you ask?
A cardboard box. Riiiight. You have a vivid imangination, thats for sure.
When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when i`m feeling sad....
I might.... NOT!
7. Do you think you are random?
No. Never. i just like to be evil on comments.
MOI? Falalala.... it`s almost easter!
A bit....Doggies!
What did you type in to get that image, may i ask?
Sure, why not?
Not paticuarly.

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Created on:10/22/2007 10:51:06 PM
Made by:vegebrain

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