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The Random Question Quiz!!!!!!
i wuz bored so i made this 4 fun!!!

1. do u like pie?
H****Z YA!!!!!
a little....
BOO!!!! PIE SUCKS!!!!!
y u need 2 know?
r u stalkin me????
2. u see a taco. wut do u do?
trow it away....
umm... leave it there
give it away
squish it!!!!!!!
3. short quiz but very random huh?
ya ur tellin me
short...not 2 random
random not short (me:WTF?)
i guess maybe....
yes,no,maybe so
4. last question. BYE-BYE!!!! (do u miss me?)
good ridance!!!!!!
no come back!!!!!!!
quiz is over???(me: u didnt say anything about me!!)
cya...i guess

About This Quiz
Times Taken:2,105
Created on:2/7/2009 9:39:01 PM
Made by:ulquiorra96

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