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What random object are you?
Who knows? You could be a hippopotomos!

1. What color can you associate yourself with?
Purple and blue
Pink and soft colors!
Metallic colors.
I like all colors
Green and other earthy colors
2. Do you have style?
Style? Who cares about style?
I have my own eclectic style
Style? I BREATHE style
Style doesn`t matter that much to me. People matter to me
Yeah, style! It`s attention-grabbing!
3. What do you HAVE to have before you leave the house?
I have to have my face on, of course!
Something that makes my skin shiney.
Anything comfortable that I can move in
Out of the house...? When was the last time THAT happened?
4. How is your social life?
Nonexistent. Who needs a social life? I`m happy right here
I`ve gathered a few oddballs I can call friends
I have a MILLION friends! The world is my oyster!
I have a few very close friends
I have friends, but we always forget to call each other. Oh well!
5. What kind of person do you find attractive?
Someone with a good heart
As long as they`re not boring, I can see a match!
Someone who`s a lot like me!
An attractive person is a fabulous person, in every way!
Beats me. Relationships are a lot of work, anyway
6. What kind of transportation do you prefer?
Something with personality, and a custom paint job! Maybe a scooter!
I like anything that glistens in the sun.
As long as it`s luxurious, I don`t see a problem with preference.
Private transportation? HAH! I`ll just take public transportation if I MUST
I need anything that has good mileage!
7. Do you have a favorite sport?
Running! Sometimes in circles!
I may have my hand in some golf, perhaps stroll around the park
You`re joking, right?

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Created on:3/29/2007 12:02:37 AM
Made by:JovianSkies1

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