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r u truly bubble wrap?
r u bubble wrap or r ppl just lyin 2 u?

1. do u lik 2 pop bubble wrap?
sumtimes....depends on my mood tat day
no not at all....bubble wrpa iz ma friend!!
2. is bubble wrap DEADLY?
yes....it could lik cum alive and lik shuv itself down ma throat and KILL ME!!!!! XoX
eh...depends on wat ur doin wit it and option 1 ur totaly over reacting!!!
no....bubble wrpaz 2 fun 2 b deadly!! =3
3. would u murder sum1 wit bubble wrap?
yes....if i felt the need 2..... (ME:) *ur not gettin anymor packages from now on!!!!!*
depends..... (ME:) *stop sayin tat!! theres craploadz of otha answerz!!*
no......and i couldnt cuz bubble wrapz 2 fun 2 kill any1
4. does bubble wrap make good food?
depends...(ME:) *just go da hell away if ur gonna keep sayin tat!!*
nope....just 2 fun 2 play wit! (ME:) *sur `play wit` god knoz wat u do wit it!* u-so u kno?! hehehe
5. ok........do u lik dis pic? *effects outcum greatly.....and idk y!*
nope....michael jacksonz a malesterer!! *srry if i didnt spell tat right*
hmmmm..idk.. (ME:) *atleast u said sumthin different dis time!!! i mean lik god!!!*
hahahahaha!! HOLY CRAP!!!! TATS INSANE!!!! TATS INTENSE!!!!! HAHA!! XD
6. do want to c dis movie? *pic iz from alice and wonderland by tim burton and tats da movie 2 soooooo yea pic 1*
nope...looks gay
hell yes!! i luv tim burtonz moviez!! <3
7. r u able 2 b popped?
no...and tat sounds rlly wrong!!!
mayb i am.....mayb im not
8. bubble wrap would comment and rate....will u?
srry not amember =[
both!! =]

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Created on:2/10/2010 7:26:19 PM
Made by:SilentTounge

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