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R u funny   quiz. this quiz will let u no if u r funny or just plain stupid   think dat u r funny Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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R u funny?
this quiz will let u no if u r funny or just plain stupid 2 think dat u r funny

1. what do pplz call u most?
class clown
sarcastic guy
knee slapper
2. wen u tell a joke pplz...
look confused
say "haha nice one"
say "yeah no not funny"
3. what do teachers think of u?
they hate me cause i distract the class
they think i am ridiculously random but humorous
she loves me
4. what is ur social class? (be honest pleaz)
i`m middle class but closer to popular
i`m below the star trek nerds
middle class
5. hav u ever worn a silly shirt?
yeah afew times
no (never)
maybe once or twince
6. Do u think u are funny?
yes of coase i am
idk i guess i get alot of laughs
idk dats y i took this test
u tell me
7. how many pranks hav u done in the past week?
none wat do u think i am a delincwent
to many 2 count

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Times Taken:1,703
Created on:5/29/2008 10:27:30 PM
Made by:ocean93

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