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r u fit to be my friend?
just read the tittle. i need friends

1. r u emo?
yes (me- me too)
kinda but not really
hell no
2. where would u want to hang out at?
um like the mall(me-um hell no)
hot topic. the best store ever!(me-im with u on that one)
my house or ur house and just talk and listen to music(that cool wit me i do that alot)
walk around the block and just talk.(i do that alot in my free time)
i dont really hang out.(k)
3. what one out of these bands do u like?
linkin park
bring me the horizon
shine down
none they all suck(0_o)
4. random. do u think this is funny?
5. what kinda friends do u hang out in school with?
emo or goth
i hung solo
6. comment or rate?no efect
maybe if i feel like it

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Created on:10/31/2009 8:41:49 PM
Made by:emodragon

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