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R u a vampire or a were wolf or r u a normal person  quiz. find out what your culture truly is   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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R u a vampire or a were-wolf or r u a normal person?
find out what your culture truly is...

1. Do u like the color black?
Yes, who doesn`t?
No it`s my enemy
No i like more of a brownish
I have no idea
2. Do you have long nails? most of the time?
Ya, always
Yes, but i have to trim them
No i`m more of a short-nail person
Ehh? idc
3. Which movie is da best?
Twighlight (the best movie eva)
Alpha and Omega (nice were-wolves :))
both i dont have a fav
none they r lame
4. Do u live in the dark? (always with the lights off)
No i am so scared of the dark
I love the dark
I like it when there`s a full moon, only at night
I basicaly live in the dark
5. If u do wear dresses, what color do u prefer? (if u r a guy pick what color tuxedo u would wear)
Pink and green
Blue and orange
Black and white
Red and black
6. If u were walking down an alley, and u see a vampire biteing another person what would u do?
Run home screaming
Watch in excitment
Start howling at the moon for no reason

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Created on:3/11/2011 10:12:28 PM
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