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The Quiztron Quiz
Let's make it to the top peoples! (e)

1. Welcome to the quiztron quiz!!!!
Howdy ma`me
I hate you....
2. Do you know the point of this quiz?
No...tell me...
I hate you....
Po-tay-toe Poe-tay-toe!
3. The point is: Everyone take it and vote that they like it so that we can beat all the other people at the top of the list!!!!
YES!!!! Sounds like tons O fun!!!
Okie Dokie.....
I hate you.....
4. Don`t get me wrong! I don`t want to do this for me, I want to do it just to see if we can! Are you with me!?!
YES!!!! HOOZAH!!!!!
Why not...It`s only a click of the button!!
I hate you....
I`m a ninja!
I`m a pirate!
*me-ninja beats pirate any day LOLOL*
5. Now, leave a comment and tell me what your answer is to this question....Do you REALLY hate the what`s your favorite color question?
Naw! Actually i kinda like it cuz it`s quick!
I can`t stand it!
I don`t really care one way or the other
I hate YOU!
Salad Fingers!
*Me-you rock if you actually understood that LOL*
6. Cool! That was the last question....Oh, you caught me, this is actually the last question...and it`s not really a question...Are you gonna vote that you love this quiz?
YEY! Last question....because I hate you....
It`s......OVER!?!?! How could you stand me up like that!?!
I will vote I like it....even though I didn`t really...
The lint in my belly button is itching SOOooo bad right now...can you hurry up the quiz?
7. Goo-bye!
I still hate you....
Off to vote!
8. Wait wait wait! I went back on my work *smacks own face!* one last thing....think about it people.....just one little click and that`s aaaaaaaalllll it takes.....Don`t you want to see if it makes the number one?
Don`t lie, you know you do
Alright, I know I do...
I hate to admit it, but I do.....
You are right, one little click
You are wrong, technically it is two clicks because you have to click OK to the little window...
* me Ok oK....two little clicks, how hard is THAT!?!*

About This Quiz
Times Taken:8,726
Created on:6/25/2007 10:20:03 PM
Made by:quiz_a_lot

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