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Guess the lyrics, words, blanks, bands ect... =) quiz. haha how many did you get? Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Guess the lyrics, words, blanks, bands ect... =)
haha how many did you get?

1. This is a song lyric.... What song is it?... When you`d cry I`d wipe away all of you tears...
erm, My tears?
I`m Here for you
I cry with you
My immortal
Our mixed tears
2. This is from a book! Asif you can outrun me. What book?
James and the Giant Peach.
New Moon
Dear Jo
The boy and the striped Pajamas
3. Also a music Lyric,it`s christian so i`ll make it easy... Once again I look apon the cross where you died, I`m humbled by your mercy and broken inside, once again i thank you once again I lay down my life
To my knees
Awake in you
My reedemer lives
Once again
4. Fill in the blank.... Today you make a mistake tomorrow is a ____ day to start over again
5. There are two words missing!! It seems somebody put out the moon now the ______ is a ______........
Moon, shadow
dream, nightmare
Road, mindfield
Light, dark pit
Sky, pool of sorrow
6. What band sings this song? Hello
Secondhand Serenade
Casting Crowns
Finger 11
Fall Out Boy
7. What band sings this song? Fall for you
Secondhand Serenade
Green day
finger 11
8. I do not listen to this BUT! What band sings this song?? Wait and bleed?
Secondhand Serenade
Fall Out Boy
marilyn manson
9. My tears run down my face like rasoblades and no, I`m not the one to blame it`s you.... Or is it me. WHAT song is this?
It`s not me it`s you
It`s not over
I am ashamed
My tears run
Let me go
Come back
10. Haha sorry these are pretty easy =/
It`s all good...
haha yeah it was pretty easy but I liked it =)
um ok?
I hated this stupid quiz!
I liked it
Good job
Ew..... Emo biyatch
I found it to be a great quiz
11. Rate or comment?
um none
um... I`ll do what I want when I see my result =)

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