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What Queen of the Damned character are you  quiz. Lets see if you turn out like Lestat  Jesse  David  Marius or Akasha    e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Queen of the Damned character are you?
Lets see if you turn out like Lestat, Jesse, David, Marius or Akasha? (e)

1. Whom says this line, "It was a bold move I`d admit, but they became my friends my children my band giving the world a new god...me`
Me, lestat
Lestat probably...I think
Lestat, Lestat come out, come out where ever you are
Lord De lieoncourt
2. What would you do if a woman or man was on the street?
Leave them be, I have matters to attend to
Hello stranger
Burn them alive, their blood is sweet but they are brute creatures mearly food
Shift away
Excuse me, are you lost? Hello?
3. If you were craving for blood, how will you kill a person?
Take them to one of my rented mansions, have a little fun then drain them
Yank out their heart and drained the blood from it as they fall down to the ground in horror.
Blood? I *chuckles to self* don`t think so
What, blood? You must be bloody well mad!
Take them from their home, and turn them into my pupil
4. If you were to make an entrance what would you do?
Shift from the sky and land upon the stage
Stay in the crowd, yelling out the rockstars name
Rise from beneath the stage and take the rockstar to a far away place.
Appear before the one whom seeks me then disappear into the crowd
......search for my associate and the vampire. I have no time to make a big entrance when i work

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