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What Kind Of Puppy Are You?
Find out what type of puppy your personality suits! (e)

1. If your friend is in trouble what is your first thought?
To help them of course!!!
Wow. Thats pretty funny! How did they get caught up in that mess??
Um....crap crap crap! Someone help! Wait..whats wrong again?
Run over to their house as soon as you find out what happened, tackle them, and give them a present.
2. If your boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you, what would you do?
CRY! Then go take your feelings out on someone else.
Cry and then go eat to make you feel better.
Go do some sports to get your mind off of it all.
Say to yourself, oh well, now i dont have to cheat on my other girlfriend/boyfriend!
Tell yourself what a loser they are, and go hang out with friends
3. Your friend has been talking bad stuff about you...What do you do?
Confront them and yell.
Get pissed off, but then shrug it off.
Talk bad about THEM.
Call them and work things out.
4. Your favorite food is
Im Vegetarian/Vegan/On a diet
Normal foods, nothing exotic..like snails.
Interesting foods...like frogs legs, snails, clams...
5. What is your fav. type of music?
Rock/Alternative--Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Gorillaz...ect.
Pop-Rihanna, Justin Timberlake,..ect
Rap/Hip Hop--Eminem, MIMS, Fort Minor, 50 Cent, ect...
6. What do you think about yourself in general?
Im pretty cool...
Me...um...never got asked that before..i dont know...
I dont care, im just normal and okay! I like myself alright.....
This is a dumb question. It makes me feel bad about myself....i hate this.
7. Its Christmas!! You are happy when you get...
an iPhone...always wanted one..
A new soccer ball..my old one sucked.
Tickets to go see a rock concert with your friends....coolness.
Nothing. I hate holidays.

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Created on:12/25/2007 4:07:00 PM
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