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Are you a psycho?
Take the crazy test :D

1. Are you crazy?
No, why would you ask me that?
aren`t you supposed to be telling me that?
2. Alright, you`ve passed the first test.
Yay!....wait I`m being tested? For what? What did you do? D:<
alright then....
-noms your leg-
3. What is your weapon of choice?
something weird(eating utensils, mouse pads, ceiling fan blades, etc.)
Something crazy(butcher knives, chainsaws, etc.)
something that can actually be classified as a weapon(guns, swords, grenades, etc.)
Anyting within reach...why are we fighting now? FFFF I can`t fight >.<
4. Do you hold conversations with yourself/the voices?
What voices?
How do you know about the voices?
5. Have you ever killed anything?
He he, blood is fun :D
All the time :D
What? no never! D:
6. The cake is a lie.
What? No! Cake, how could you!?
Then what did i just eat?(Me: A bomb) Oh shiz.
7. -pokes you with a stick-
-noms the stick-
-smacks you-
-takes stick and climbs up tree-
-explodes because of cake bomb-
8. Rate/comment?
F*** you.
F*** your couch.

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Created on:8/3/2010 9:55:21 PM
Made by:tobi7

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