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Are you a psychic   quiz. Well  lots of people think that they are psychic  but they might not be  Sometimes they just want to be cool by saying that they are psychic  Please don t lie on this test  because then your result will be incorrect Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you a psychic??
Well, lots of people think that they are psychic, but they might not be. Sometimes they just want to be cool by saying that they are psychic. Please don't lie on this test, because then your result will be incorrect!

1. Have you seen a ghost before?
All the time. I talk to them... they listen... they talk back...
Once, maybe twice.
I don`t know. Once I think I felt a presence, but I`m not sure.
I might have... but it could have been some reflection of something. I`m not sure.
No, never.
2. Can you see peoples` auras (imagining them does not count, cause that`s what my friend does)?
Umm... I may have seen someone`s once.
No, but I do believe in them!
Umm no... they don`t even exist! (me: I don`t like skeptics)
3. How often has one of your dreams come true?
EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!! And it tells me what to do, and I obey it.
A lot, not every single night though.
One or two of my dreams has come true, but not really any more.
I don`t remember any of my dreams ever coming true.
4. Have you ever taken something out of a basket or something like that, and guessed its color?
YES and I`m RIGHT EVERY time!!
Yeah I`m actually right most of the time!! But not every single time...
Umm... I think I`ve played that game a couple of times. I sort-of got the right color...
No I don`t even play that game.
Yeah I`ve played it before, but I didn`t get one color correct. :-(
5. Do you ever know what`s on someone`s mind, without noticing their facial expression or anything like that?
Yes many times, and I can even read their minds.
Like maybe once or twice. I don`t know.
No, it`s never happened to me.
Yah a few times actually, it was rather creepy!! I like guessed what they`d say next!!
6. What is my friend next to me typing (please don`t just guess, actually try to `recieve the message`?
yo your so weirdddd!!!
Aloha omegos... i don`t think i spelled it right.
Water tastes like mangos.
Umm... I am your friend, and I`m the one that typed it, so I`m sorry but I can`t answer. (sorry!!!!)
7. What am I thinking about?
Shift 2 (the game on
A white bowl with a red blinky light attached to the ceiling.
Some person named Susy with a pink ribbon tied to her purple polka-dotted shirt.
You are thinking about option 4
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umm... ok....

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Created on:4/2/2008 9:37:08 AM
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