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Which psychic are you  quiz. My whole story is basically based around seven people who are all psychics  so which one of the seven are you Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which psychic are you?
My whole story is basically based around seven people who are all psychics, so which one of the seven are you?

1. There`s a weopon rack in front of you, what do you take?
A machine gun
A knife
A bow
Multiple needles filled with poison
No weopon for you, you`re more of a `hands on` kind of guy
You don`t need weopons, you have magic DUH!
I don`t wanna fight....
2. Which Ability would you like to have?
Clairvoyance (you can see the future)
Telepathy (mind reading and whatnot)
Control over the elements (earth, air, water, fire, lightning, light, darkness etc.)
Healing and Revival (you heal and can bring things back to life at times)
Regeneration and cloning (you can automatically heal injuries on yourself and clone yourself)
Speak to animals and Telekinesis (move things with your mind)
Have so much evil power that you make Satan go WOW
3. Which band/artist would you like the best?
Nine Inch Nails
Marilyn Manson
Austrian Death Machine
Green Day
My Chemical Romance
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Which creature do you prefer?
6. What sounds ideal for a home?
A house just big enough for you, cramped with all of your stuff, and a spacious backyard and forest.
A nice apartment, very spacious, with little furniture, but very nice furniture.
An artsy studio apartment with lots of plants, sculptures, and artwork.
A large log cabin in the woods, but near the lake, with a nice stone fireplace in the center room.
A huge centuries old stone castle in the middle of nowhere, Not enough stuff, so a few empty floors.
A house made of adobe, with the majority of it in the basement, in the middle of the rainforest.
Moving around very often, so not really a real home, but live in many nice rented houses.
7. What would you like to have as far as pets?
Two big hunting dogs.
A wide variety: birds, cats, iguana`s, snakes, and fish.
Tons of reptiles and insects, as well as arachnids.
No pets, but you wouldn`t mind a dog or two...
Wild and/or exotic animals of all kinds.
Large birds, such as Vultures and Wolves.
8. Who would you like to get? (THIS DOES NOT EFFECT YOUR OUTCOME)
Gen. Dimitri Miiskov of Siberia, Russia
St. Lucas Valentine of London, England
Sir Vincent Capria of Paris, France
Mr. Arrow March of New Orleans, Louisiana
Mr. Cedric Maxis of San Francisco, California
Mr. Sylvester Oliveira of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ms. Samantha Vasilina of Venice, Italy
9. What was your opinion of this quiz?

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