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Producers Edge Magazine Naughty or Nice quiz. Get down on the get down  Let       s find out what kind of year you       ve had and whether Santa should be wrapping or if your Christmas is a wrap   www ProducersEdgeMagazine com Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Producers Edge Magazine Naughty or Nice
Get down on the get down. Let’s find out what kind of year you’ve had and whether Santa should be wrapping or if your Christmas is a wrap.

1. Your best rapper’s crew crashes at your studio after a late session. His girl pushes up on you. You then….
Tell the rapper immediately cause damn, he need to know.
See how far you take it since you’ll need proper evidence.
Smash her out and keep it moving. He don’t care bout her anyways.
2. A Sam Ash delivery truck hits a bump and a box falls out the back. You…
Toss it in your trunk cause X-mas is here early
Flag down the driver; he might get in trouble for losing packages.
Return it to Sam Ash and expect to be given some kind of reward
3. After buying a used MPC from a studio in Cali, you find a disk wedged in the drive. It wont’ come out but it says “Dre Drums”. You then…
Call the seller and let them know about it and see what they want to do.
Take the MPC apart, copy it first and then tell the seller about it.
Consider it a bonus and say nothing
4. You’re at a garage sale and an old woman is selling “her long gone husband’s old keyboard thing” for next to nothing. It’s a classic analogue synthesizer. You…
Tell her it has more value and give her more money.
Tell her it’s junk and you’ll only take it for half of what she’s asking for.
Help her sell it another way and only take a small fee.
5. While bringing your new keyboard home, you trip and fall, dropping it- and causing it to rattle inside. You…
Bring it right back saying it’s defective.
Tell them what happened and see what they say by the warranty.
Keep it. You feel it’s your fault and as long as everything works, you’re good
6. A local rapper you don’t know is at a show- rhyming over one of your beats (tags and all).You…
K.O. him and repeat your tag in his ear while he’s dazed and confused
Ask him how he got your music and see if there’s any opportunity to be properly compensated
Take it as a compliment and say nothing. He’ll probably contact you in the future anyway
7. You sit down at a table in a restaurant and the previous diner has left a tip on the table, concealed under a napkin. You…
Pocket it. They just paid the tip for your meal.
Tell the waitress.
Keep it and don’t tip since they obviously never cleaned the table before seating you
8. A friend who’s new to music asks you to buy him some gear and gives you the money. There’s a deal and the purchase comes with an extra item (headphones, cheap mic etc). You
Tell him about the deal and ask if you can keep the extra.
say nothing and keep the bonus item.
Give him all the items and say he was lucky.

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