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What kind of Princess are u? (for the girls only)
find out wat kind of princess u are

1. First of all, whats your fav color?
rainbow colors
2. U are surrounded by water, u...
swim to an island nearby
freeze the water
fly away with ur dragon
do anything u want with the water
stay and watch the full moon
stay and watch the sunrise
3. U are confronted by a dragon, u...
run away into the darkness, itll never find u
stay calm and dont move
drown it
blind it with light
make it yours
4. U are in a blizzard, u...
go look for a cave
stop the blizzard
melt it with sunlight
play with the snow
5. Now are going to become queen and be watched over all ur life, u...
dont want to be queen, u are a warrior
go look at the sun or moon one last time before u become queen
stay in ur private pond for the last time
play with the snow one more time
6. How long do u take a shower?
very long
short time
normal time
dont take showers
7. U are naked in the showers, do u like being naked?
I would fight naked if i had to
im always naked everytime im in water
like it
hate it
8. Would u rather be cold or warm?
9. Which of these do u like better?
snowy day
rainy day
cloudy day
bright day
night time
10. Which Princess do u want to be?
water princess
ice princess
moon princess
light princess
dragon princess

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Times Taken:3,072
Created on:8/26/2008 1:28:46 AM
Made by:lyl_azn_bboy

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