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What Princess Type are you  quiz. Specially brought to you by Princess Patisserie  to help you find out which donut princess YOU are    The relationship between princesses and donuts   Check out www princesspatisserie blogspot com to find out Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Princess Type are you?
Specially brought to you by Princess Patisserie, to help you find out which donut princess YOU are! The relationship between princesses and donuts? Check out www.princesspatisserie.blogspot.com to find out!

1. On the weekend, you would MOST rather:
watch a musical or catch a new exhibition at the museum
read a book at home, cuddled up in your favourite nook
learn a new musical instrument
you`re not sure - you do something different every weekend
Hang out with the guys and watch soccer
Do something totally unexpected!
Walk your dog and hopefully catch of a glimpse of the cute boy next door
Bake cupcakes with heart-shaped sprinkles to share with your girlfriends on Monday
2. If asked to describe you with only one word, your friends would say:
3. Imagine your friends have just thrown you a surprise birthday party. Your first reaction would be:
I hope it’s not somewhere tacky
How can I get out of this? I hate big social events
Today’s my birthday?
Your reaction would depend on your mood at the moment
I hope we have a cake fight later!
Turn up the music and let’s get dancing!
Give your friends a big hug to let them know how much you appreciate it
Burst into tears because you are just so touched
4. Your ideal guy would:
Never wear an orange shirt with a purple jacket
Write a book someday
Do something silly and crazy on every date!
Understand you perfectly
Lend you his latest computer game - first!
Be into extreme sports - and set marathon records!
Think you are perfect just the way you are
Bring you scented tissues when you cry
5. Your favourite color is:
Rainbow! (so what if it is not a colour?)
You don`t see why you should have to stick to 1 colour only
6. Your parents tell you that as a Christmas present, they will bring you on a trip to anywhere you want. You choose:
Paris – it’s the fashion (and museum) capital of the world
Switzerland – you love the clean, pure Swiss countryside
North Pole – you want to go visit Santa Claus (you are sure that he exists)
Donate the money to a good cause
England – you want to visit your favorite football team
New Zealand – because you have never bungee-jumped before!
Anywhere your parents want to go – you’re contented just to spend time with them
Japan – it’s the land of all things cute!

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