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Which Press Gang Kid Are You?
Do you Ping? (e)

1. How would you describe your social life?
I`m out at parties most nights.
I like to pop around to my friends` houses every so often.
I like to go out to gigs with friends.
"Social Life"... I`ve heard of one of those...
2. What do you value most?
My friends
My sanity
My image
My work
My academic success
3. When you get nervous you...
Try to sleep it off
Try to remain as cool on the surface as possible
Don`t let anyone know about it
Get anxiety dreams
4. How would you describe your love life?
You play the field a little, but there`s one very special someone...
A couple of relationships that fell flat... the right person`s still out there.
You tend to go for people that others wouldn`t neccesarily match you with.
The odd crush here and there... you`re too young for anything serious.
You fall apart around people you like... luckily you get over them fast as well.
You take whatever you can!
There`s only one person for you. And yet somehow it still manages to be extremely complicated.
5. What best describes your `look`?
I just throw on whatever`s to hand usually.
Slacker Chic
Colourful and offbeat
Classic Jimmy Dean Cool
Usually officewear... I can`t really do Casual.
Neutral, calming shades
6. Think Fast! There`s a deranged gunman in your office! You...
Try to talk him out of it
Try to jump him, even though you`re scared witless
Protect your friends at your own expense
Get out and get help
Hide, and come up with a plan to disarm him
Quietly look for possible ways you can all get out
7. What`s your attitude to your job?
It`s the bottom rung, but it can lead to better things.
It stomps on your social life, but you`re glad it helps you do good things.
it`s hard work, but they need you there (even though they don`t acknowledge it)
Its a good place to catch up on sleep.
You live for your work. That`s why you`re the best.
You enjoy it and work hard, but if a better paid job came along you`d be history.
You hate it. Youu`d leave, only you`d be letting too many people down.
8. Which Dorkrobe accessory are you most drawn to?
A Tin Tin TShirt
A chunky cardi
A stripy shirt
A cravat
A pair of parakeet earings
A green cagoule
An exploding jumper, with dungarees.
9. How would you tell someone you love them?
Tell them. It`s perfectly easy to do, just three little words!
Pretend you`re interested in their hobbies, then come clean
Hang around them, name your bunnies after them.
Offer them money and/or run away and hide.
I don`t have to tell them. Why should I? They should know!
Get your friends to set up an elaborate plot so that you can introduce yourself
Grin at them a lot, agree to everything they say.
10. Do you Ping?
Certainly not!
You tried to say no, but you still ended up with a few.
If it`s a trend, you`ll play along with it.
You love your Pings! They`re so creative!
Baby, you are the King Of Ping!

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