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Are you possibly a cannibal?
Answer these questions honestly to find out if you may possibly be a cannibal! o:

1. First, do you think you are a cannibal?
Oh, I KNOW that I am one!
I think I am but I`m not sure.
I have no idea, honestly.
I don`t think so.. but I don`t know.
No way!
2. Have you ever consumed human flesh (even from biting your fingers, eating a scab, dead skin, etc.)
But of course!
Maybe once or twice..
No, never at all!
3. Have you ever bitten someone? (Even for self-defense)
4. Do you plan to or are you working as a doctor, vet, nurse, something that involves blood?
No way! Blood freaks me out a ton!
5. How often do you get hungry?
All day, every day.
On average.
Barely ever..
6. Favorite primary color?
7. Your age is...
12 or under
13 to 17
18 or older
8. Choose your diet:
Vegan, no dairy or meats!
Vegetarian, no meats!
Omnivore, eat everything edible!
Carnivore! Meats only!
9. Got any pets?
Yeah, tons!
Yes, a few.
Only one.
I wish I had a pet, but I don`t.
No, and I don`t want one, either.
10. Have you heard of a show called Hannibal?
No, what`s that?
I think I have heard it mentioned before.
11. Do you like the show Hannibal?
Yes, I love it!
No, I hate it!
I don`t know what that is.
12. Do you like vampires?
They`re.. alright, I guess.
No way!
13. Blood is..
Gross and freaky! I have a weak stomach for gore..
It`s fine to me.
14. Last question! How much meat do you eat?
None, I`m vegan/vegetarian.
Only a little bit.
A normal and healthy amount.
Lots of it!!!

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