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Are you popular?
This quiz will tell you if you're popular, normal, a loner!

1. What clothes do you wear?
Anything from an expensive trendy brand. I wear mainstream clothing to stay fashionable, always.
Casual tee shirt, jeans. Walmart clothing, aeropostal tee`s. Everyday is like a normal day to me :)
A shirt and pants. It really doesnt matter as long as its not teared up or whateves lol
Trend? What trend? I just buy whatever i like! Some pretty stuff with colors, and yeaah aha
2. What do you do during break/recess at school?
I just go around places, walk around. Nice day out. Perfect time to go to the school library!
What? I can`t hear you over the people crowding me right now. Too much people!
You`d find me with a group of friends, chatting about everything. Boys and succh *drools*
I`d be frolicking outdoors on the grass! I wanna build a snowman ;D
3. What do you do after school?
Read, read and do homework. Play video games. Maybe a stroll in the park would be nice.
Partying with my friends! Where the boyz at?? Or i`d be texting them, etc.
I go home and plunge outdoors and go to people`s houses! Or i`d be doing something random whateva
I go home, do some homework, if i`m too bored i`d call up a friend and chat a little
4. Your School is organizing a beauty pageant model runway! Would you like to model? Tv broadcasts will be here to film you.
What? No. I hate dresses, i look weird in them. Not my kind of shtuff.
Oh! I`d love toooooo! But thing is, idk if i`m that pretty. What if i screw up on stage?
Lights, camera, action baby! Everyones eyes are on me already anyway.
No, i dont think so. I`d be in the audience eating popcorrn!
5. You feel a little sick today. A little mucus and cough. Do you go to school?
I`ll just eat a whole jar of medicine...
Are you crazy!? People can`t see me like this.
Whatever. Yeah i would go. Its not like people will notice me anyway :p
I will eat a little medicine and i would be okay
6. Whats your idea of a perfect weekend?
At home reading or on internet
Knitting, writting, eating, hanging out with people, dancing, jumpin everywhere, shop
I party. Party hard. Plan a partyyyy call everyone
Internet, watching tv, texting ppl, etc. maybe plan a little sleepover with a friend?
7. The last question! On a scale from 1-10, how much do you care about popularity?
10/10! I am already pretty loved by everyone.
8163571918363919102 i like numbers whee
1-3, I took this test just cuz i was bored.
5-8, i really care about my reputation, idk. I just want to be like other girls.

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Created on:10/29/2013 7:09:17 PM
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