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Are you popular, nerdy or average?
Well if you don't know, this quiz will tell you

1. Where do you get most of your cloths
American eagle, Vanity, pricy places
Sometimes expensive places, not always
Macys, JC penny`s, rarely better
Who cares anything on clearance.
2. How many friends do you have
A ton everyone knows me
A lot, I`m not friends with everyone
A few I have a small circle
I have one maybe two
3. Can you be yourself without being thought weird
Oh yah everyone does what I do
Pretty much, People usually go w/me
Not really I have to be careful what I do
Are you kidding me? No way
4. How many boys/girls have a crush on you
Tons but why wouldn`t they
I know of several
Well there was one or maybe 2or3
Um well none really
5. Do you think you`re popular
Well duh of course I`m popular
Sort of
That`s why I`m taking this test
No way
6. Will you comment or rate (will not affect outcome)
Yes both
I`ll comment
I`ll rate

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Created on:9/1/2012 12:46:59 PM
Made by:flotsom

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