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Which Pony are you  quiz. Testing to see which pony you are from My Little Pony Friendship is magic  Don t let the pony factor scare you away from this quiz Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Pony are you?
Testing to see which pony you are from My Little Pony-Friendship is magic. Don't let the pony factor scare you away from this quiz.

1. It`s a saturday afternoon. What do you do?
Read a book
Go skateboarding
Go shopping
Work in the Garden
Play with your pets
2. Which characteristic do you lack
bad fashion taste
the ability to lie
3. There`s a new pony in Ponyville. What do you do when you meet her?
Throw her a Party!
Approach her shyly
Fix her mane (that happens to be in a mess)
play tricks on her
Give her a rough handshake
4. It`s the summer sun celebration. What are you in charge of?
Being Crazy!
The food
Clearing the sky of clouds
the choir
Checking to see every work place is going according to plan.
5. Now spring is almost here, and its time to wrap up winter? What do you do?
Make nests
Wake up the hibernating critters
Skate on the ice to melt it
help with the farm
Bring the birds back from the south
Keep everyone on task
6. What do you want to do at the Gala?
Visit the Garden
Meet you dream guy/girl
Sell stuff
Fly with the greatest racers in Equestria
Hang out with the ruler of Equestria

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Created on:2/4/2012 3:36:44 PM
Made by:seagull_says

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