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what pokemon are you?
what pokemon are you find out by takin this quiz

1. what do you like to do?
win battles
swim for 18 hours
destroy citys
yuo like to play
you like to swing on vines
you like to have turtle races
you like to had in caves and kill pokemon that disturb you
2. whats ur move?
3. would you rather........................?
make a forest fire with flamethrower
cut trees with ur razorleaf?
bubble a bubble wand?
destroy a city?
slide down ur own waterfall?
hide in a cave?
play with other pokemon?
4. how would you win a battle?
fly in the air and use flamethrower
teleport and use pysicic
water the enemys and bubble!
use my vines and throw them
make a pink bubble and block attacks
quse a hyperbeam and fly away
use a waterfall on the enemy and hit them with ur fin
5. what do you want to do after a battle?
give ur trainer a fly on ur back?
laugh at the opponent hardly
give ur trainer a surf rider
let ur trainor swing on ur vines?
blow bubble while you be in a pink bubble?
do a flying flip and roar!
give ur trainor a ride in the ocean
6. plz coment!

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Times Taken:1,493
Created on:6/12/2008 9:07:52 PM
Made by:lavalamp300

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