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What kind of poison is your personality?
Take a walk on the unlawful side with me and find out what poison runs through your veins.

1. Do you consider yourself a beautiful person?
Honey, beauty didn`t have a definition until I came around.
I`ve been known to catch an eye here and there.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Has anyone ever told you not ask about someone`s shortcomings?
I`m so ugly even lepers keep away.
2. Where would you rather live?
On a nice open farm.
Somewhere in the tropics where it`s always warm.
In a place where I can see the season`s change.
A nice lush forest with lot`s of wildelife.
On a secret island where few visit.
3. Do you feel like a wallflower or really plain to look at?
I`m no wallflower, I`m an entire wallpaper garden.
If I was any more plain I`d need creamcheese just to get a date.
Not on your life! I walk in and all eyes are on me waiting to hang on my every word.
Eh, I can be at times.
4. When watching a hated enemy suffer how are you more likely to react?
Insist that his suffering isn`t enough and kindly ask for the whip.
Drive your spiked heel directly into the nearest wound.
He`s suffered enough by existing, let him out now.
Take delight in his suffering, offer him a chance to recover, and then lay into him again harder!
Now that he`s squirming, it`s time to break out the first aid kit.. No one should suffer too much.
5. Which of these is the worst possible way to die?
Respitory Failure
Choking on vomit while in a mad craze.
Heart Failure while fully awake.
Slow kidney failure
Sever skin burns
6. If you were a poison, which method would you desire to be introduced into the body?
Skin contact, absorbed
Through the mouth, ingestion
Through the nose, breathed in
7. Do you like mushrooms? ANY kind of mushrooms, even the fun ones?
Yes, I love mushrooms. Especially the fun ones.
Well, I like legal mushrooms.
I wouldn`t say I love or hate mushrooms. I could care less really.
I hate mushrooms but I`ll eat the "fun ones"
I really freakin despise fungus, edible or fun.
8. Do you consider hallucinations entertaining and fun?
Bring on the purple elephants!
They can be if it`s the right place and time.
I`d rather eat my own head than see things that aren`t there.
9. Do you enjoy history, philosophy, or politics?
*snore* zzzzz Bore me some more please.
10. Almost there! You turn on the TV and Rosie O Donnell is on every channel. You fly to her home and do what to her?
Dump gasoline on her and light the skank up!
Rip her guts out through her ass and then force feed it back to her.
Relieve her of her anti psychotic medication and then release the manic lunatic on the world.
Beat her to a bloody pulse and leave it at that.
Take the heifer to bed. (hey big bulldagger loud women need love too!)

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