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Are you a poem writer?
Are you as poetic as me?

1. What do you think this poem is called "I miss you like the sun misses the flower during the winter skies. I see the sun but nothing of your warm face. I see the stars, but nothing of you my love. With a heart as pure as yours, you...." I wrote this
Someting bout love, i guess
talking about the sky...
2. What does this verse talk about? "As i walk with you, you hold my hand as we stop, now i finally understand. What love now feels like, yeah. Cuz my love is you" I wrote this one too!
About someones feelings?
Holding hands with your bf/gf? IDK
About how finally feel love after all the years you were dormant without it you finally know
3. Which poem is the best do you think?
Ring a round the poises?
Tell-Tale Heart
The Oval Painting
4. What song do you think is the best love song?
Join me in Death
Love in cold blood
5. What would you call a love song that goes like this? "You remind me of the sun and moon, always there, always watching. Even as i lay here alone, i know you still think of me, even when you are so far away."
When you are far away
Far Away

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