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Please take this quiz!
come on! i'll give you a pie (e)

1. Thank you! thank you! thank you! For taking this! Anyway why did you take this?
i`m bored and yours stood out
i take all quizzes because I`m lonely and sad!
I wanted to see how dumb this quiz was! and it`s the dumbest!
I like taking quizzes with a twist
To see what it was like
dunno i just click randomly!
i like taking stupid quizzes!
2. What type of quizzes do you like?
Will you date me (me: then take mine, if your a girl)
stupid quizzes like this one! ha! ha!
No-good and dumb quizzes like this one! ha! ha!
any, i`m going to die anyway
any, i got hours sitting on this thing
depends what mood i`m in
Your quizzes (me: thank you!)
all sorts
3. What do you look for in a quiz?
reality quizzes
anything but this quiz
um... anything really
NOT yes, no questions
i don`t care i`ll still be sad!
4. If i were to say i ran out of questions, what would you do?
say well that was a complete waste of time!
that`s ok! it was great while it lasted
F***ing retard!
don`t care i`m falling sleep anyway
meh easy come, easy go
5. Now i know you`re proberly thinking that this quiz was pointless, but what if i told you that a pie was on its way to you?
yeah right!
i knew this quiz was pointless!
F***ing useless
mmmmmmmmmmmm... pie
i don`t like pie it sadens me
ooo! i like pie
so sleepy don`t know if i can eat pie!

About This Quiz
Times Taken:1,946
Created on:9/8/2007 2:18:08 AM
Made by:sumonekool

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