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`Planet of the Ood` Series 4 episode 3 quiz
Only take this quiz if you watched the episode!

1. What planet did the Doctor take Donna to?
Ood Sphere
Ood Orb
Ood Globe
Ood Ball
2. What does OO stand for?
Ood Organisation
Ood Operations
Ood Orb
Ood Online
3. Who was in charge of OO?
4. What was the OOs leader`s personal Ood called?
Ood Alpha
Ood Beta
Ood Delta
Ood Sigma
5. What famous catchphrase did one Ood utter?
Yabba Dabba Doo!
Is that your final answer?
Am I bovvered?
6. What did the OO leader often drink?
Olive Oil
Hair Tonic
Liquid Metal
7. What did the Ood demand to be broken?
The chains
The circle
The glass
The ties
8. What controlled the Ood from Section 15?
A gaseous Ood
The Beast
A giant brain
The planet
9. What did the Ood tell the Doctor before he left their planet?
We`ll meet again
She will return
Your song must end
The end is near
10. Which of the Doctor`s former foes will return in the next episode?

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Created on:4/23/2008 3:16:23 PM
Made by:s6owls

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