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Pixie, or Fairy?
There is a Difference! (e)

1. Have you ever played a huge prank on someone?
Yes, it was hillarious!
No, that wouldn`t be nice.
I havent, but I might.
2. If you had wings, what would they look like?
Transparent like a dragonfly.
Dark and furry, like a moth.
Bright and colorful, like a butterfly.
3. If someone cussed you out, what would you do?
Walk away, deal with it later er sometin`.
Try to make friends!
Cuss them out too.
4. What if someone tried to play a trick on you?
They couldn`t, I`m the master of tricks!
I`d laugh, they got me.
Maybe plot my revenge.
5. Have you ever gotten in a lot of trouble?
Only once or twice.
No, I`m a perfect little angel!
Yes, plenty of times!
6. Revenge is...
Satisfying I guess.
7. What `s your favorite holiday?
Christmas, when friends and family are around!
April 1st, I love to plan tricks!
Halloween, sometimes i trick, sometimes i treat.
8. Did you like this quiz? ( yeah, everyone asks it)
Yes...psyche!!! Haha!
Uh...sort of.
Honestly yes.
Honestly, no.

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Created on:12/2/2007 3:00:08 PM
Made by:WhateverGrl

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