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Which Pirates of the Carribean character are You?
Take this quiz to see who are in POTC! (e)

1. If you have a boy/girl friend, but you notice a hot boy/girl that you are interested in, what do you do?
Stay true to your current boy/girl friend
Follow your heart! Go with the one you like more at the moment
Kill the one you don`t like as much so they don`t get in the way of your true love.
Play along with both. As long as they never find out about each other, you`re good
Go with the Hottest!
2. You get rescued from prison by a mere accident, what do you tell people about your escape?
The whole truth!
Make up a story of how you single handedly slayed every guard and dramaticly escaped!
Just let people think what they want, you don`t care, you`re free!
3. You`re trying to sneak past guards, how do you do it?
Sneak out quietly and discreatly.
Make a grande flourish, as you dramaticly escape
Kill the guards and leave as you please
Make a distraction and sneak away
4. You`re in a war against your greatest enemy, you`re losing, what do you do?
Fight till your death!!
Sneak away while you`re still alive!
Challenge them in mind tricks and bribery where you have more of a chance of winning.
Surrender. At least then all you loose is your pride

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Created on:8/1/2007 8:16:01 PM
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