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Which Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Character Are You?
Find out Who you be on the Caribbean. (e)

1. Which ship are you into now?
The Black Pearl
The Flying Dutchman
The Endeavor
2. Where would you be found?
In Singapore
The Black Pearl
Port Royal
The Flying Duchman
Anywhere away from the East India Trading Company.
3. Your in a massave Maelstrom on ether the Black Pearl or the Flying Duchman. Where would you be?
Stealing the Chest of Davy Jones.
Firing the cannons.
On the deck fighing the enemy.
Fighting and performing a marriage.
Running after the Chest of Davy Jone admist the battle.
Safly drinking tea far away, while watching.
Sterring strait into the maelstrom.
4. Evryone on deck is pointing a pistol at each other. Who are you pointing at?
Not even at the scene
5. Who can you relate to the most?
Jack. Save you own skin.
Will. Protect your loved ones at all cost.
Elizabeth. A great leader.
Davy Jones. Immortal pirate creature thing.
Barbossa. Crazy, but gets the job done.
Cutler Beckett. Evil
6. What is your primary weapon?
Cutlas (a.k.a. Sword)
Anything aroud is good.
7. How are you dressed?
Cassual, any thing that is comfortable.
Prim and Proper.
A nice comfortablr peice, with cool designs from other contries.
I have had the same thing for hundreds of years.
The same cothes I died in.
8. Are you savvy?

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