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Which pet are you?
I personally am a dog. Duh.

1. The dreaded question... what is your favorite color?!?! (Dun dun duuuunnnn!!!)
All colors!!!
2. What your favorite food?
Soda Pop
Green Curry
Meat. Just, meat. (Me: Ewwww I`m a vegitarian!!!)
Anything exotic
Foriegn objects (Muahahahaha)
3. Are you social?
Yes! I love people!
No, I`m shy
I hate everyone, especially you. (Meanie.)
Yep I`m a real socialite alright
I have a few friends...
Everyone hates me, but I would like a friend...
4. Do you like to read?
Yes! I love to read!
No books are only good for fire (me: gasp! 0.o)
I can read, but that doesn`t mean I like to
I shred paper
I would love to read more, but I don`t often get the time to...
5. Are you strong?
Why yes, I am, thanks for asking! *flexes muscles*
Nah, not really.
I am timid and meek. So that is a no.
Not to brag, but yeah I am ultra stong...
I make up for my weakness by being flexible
6. Do you hate me?
No! Of course not honey!
*Is afraid*
Yes, with every fiber of my being...
I hate everyone, so don`t take it personally.
7. Which sounds the best?
A chewie toy!!! *gnaw gnaw gnaw*
A flower
A carrot, please!
All dogs to be made into slaves for me (Me: *Is angry and will never be a slave to you*)
A eagle, soaring above a mountain
8. Worst?
A wilted flower
A barren landscape
A bright sunny day... almost too perfect...
9. Did you enjoy this quiz?
Yes! Can`t wait to see which one I am!
Get on with it, already!!! XP
I liked it, but no really a "love", persay...
I enjoyed it!
10. K, bye!
Still hate you
Bye! *Cheerily waves*
Byyyyyeeee? (You: sheesh yur a weirdo Me: WELL SAME TO YOU!!!)
K Bye!

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Created on:11/29/2010 4:41:01 PM
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