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This quiz will try to determione how you really are. Not a label quiz.

1. Your walking along the country side and you see three roads. One says "Friends", another says "Family" and the last one says "Self." Which one do you choose?
2. After you pick whatever road you chose you come across a magical stream. A sign next to it said if you look down you will see another reflection. below it has a key. (explanation for each reflection) As you look in the water you see...
Dragon: Strong willed, independent, slightly selfish
Mermaid: Friendly, bubbly, blends in constantly
Pegasus: Cautious, lovable, kind of quiet
Werewolf: Loner, simple, sometimes craves attention
3. Baffled and mystified, you jump into the water. How shallow is the water? goes up to my knees goes up to my chest`s at my eyes
Super deep...I couldn`t touch the bottom even if I tried.
4. What`s the tempature of the stream?
Cold, freezing, my lips are blue. (or knees)
Warm, average, comfortable
Burning hot, hotter than a jacuzzi, my legs are red
A little chilly, could be worse, I`ll live
5. You finally gotten out and leaving the random stream. Your`e so preoccupied thinking about the water you nearly crash into a tree. The tree is...
Full of colorful leaves. Birds are chirping happily in it`s thick branches.
Skinny and bare. There are a few leaves but they are about to fall off. There are no animals on it.
An average height tree with pines on it. There are a few squirrels around it gathering nuts.
6. Next to the tree, you see a glass half way filled with sap. The glass is...
half full
half empty
7. Hope you liked the quiz. Please rate and comment. (no affect)

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Created on:7/1/2008 7:07:52 PM
Made by:24goddessgrl

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