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what is your personality rose color?
ah whats your personality

1. whats your favorite color out of these?
2. what is your personality most like out of these?
I`m fun and outgoing, I never give up
I am caring and I hate seeing people hurt
I love to entertain and be a leader, I like to help and I`m very supportive.
even when I get hurt I don`t give up my dream, I love to help and be there for loved ones
I am always there for my loved ones, I hate letting them down so I am determind to do my best
I am caring and everyone calls me a sweetheart. I would do anything for the peoplei love
3. when you get hurt what happens?
I keep my head up high and get through the pain
Um I don`t really get hurt...bad so I would get over it pretty quick
I got hurt b4 & i got through it, I will get through it , i have dreams to follow & goals to reach.
I`m always there for my friends, and they are always there for me, they would help me get through it
my bf/gf wife/husband will always be there like i am for him/her
I always get over it, but sometimes it`s really hard to,,,I am strong and I can get through whatever
4. what word is your fave outta these?
5. If you could chose anything what would it beout of these?
to reach all my goals
to never change
to change the world
to love one person forever
to always be there for my friends and never let them down
live life to the fullest
6. rate?
Um yeah sure I`ll rate xD
um naw
sure i guess
ahhhhhhhhh let me think.....NO
7. comment?
yeah I will b4 I get eaten!! ( hehe)
No thanks ( I`ll let him off the leash!! jk )
hmmmm thinking NOOOOOOO
8. Thanks for taking my quiz let me know how you like it in comments!!!
kay, your welcome xD
ah welcom....
YOUR SOOO WELCOME!!! have a really good day!!!
um ok then...

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Created on:1/3/2009 7:27:22 PM
Made by:sweet_kiss

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