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Personal Trivia VVVVVV quiz. SO  Yeah  Another version of my infamous  quot how well do you know me quot  series  I m sorry  But I swear this one has unique questions  It s all gonna be different this time  I ll make sure of it Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Personal Trivia VVVVVV
SO! Yeah. Another version of my infamous "how well do you know me" series. I'm sorry. But I swear this one has unique questions. It's all gonna be different this time. I'll make sure of it!

1. You must know by now that I love Undertale. So who`s my favorite character?
Monster Kid
None of the above / I was lying, I don`t actually like Undertale
2. And, because I just love adding too many questions about my main interests, which death in the Genocide run of Undertale caused me the most emotional agony?
Undyne the Undying
Mettaton NEO
None of the above / Alright, you know I actually do like Undertale, I just haven`t done Genocide yet
3. And, uhh. This`ll probably be the last Undertale-related question. What are my three favorite songs from the OST? Currently?
MEGALOVANIA, Spider Dance, Ruins
Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap, Long Elevator, Dogsong
NGAHHH!!, Ooo, Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn`t Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything
Metal Crusher, Death by Glamour, Spider Dance
Last Goodbye, Wrong Enemy !?, Snowdin Town
Undertale, Finale, It`s Raining Somewhere Else
Battle Against a True Hero, Heartache, Spider Dance
Your Best Nightmare, Finale, Hopes and Dreams
It`s Raining Somewhere Else, Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans, MEGALOVANIA
None of the above / I donT cAre abOut ThE MuSIc (please don`t pick this you know it`s untrue)
4. Alright, so there`s this artist whose music I`ve been listening to a lot recently. I often describe the songs as, "like, a creepypasta but with disturbingly cheerful and catchy music".
Lemon Demon
Rich Vreeland
Owl City
Toby Fox
Five Finger Death Punch
Danny Baranowsky
Christopher Larkin
None of the above / That`s a beautiful description (`s really...not...)
5. wAIT I FORGOT A QUESTION I WANTED TO ASK. Sorry! I`m sorry. Which Undertale character can I relate to the most?
So Sorry (yes, there is a character with this name)
None of the above / I don`t find any of them very relatable
6. Okay, now I think I`m done with Undertale questions. As much as I want to ask more. You`re probably getting tired of them. What is my favorite type of merch?
None of the above / Sorry, I don`t have a clever comment to put on this one
7. So, uhh. What do I usually keep on my left hand?
A doodle of my favorite video game character
A ring
Writing in Zuish (the FEZ language)
A bracelet, though that would technically be my wrist.
A glove. Just on my left hand though. Not my right one.
Nail polish. As in, the nails on my left hand are painted. I don`t paint my whole hand.
Nothing, not even skin
A quote from a song
A fake tattoo
None of the above / I DoNt havE A LEFt HanD
8. So, my cards--the stargazer deck I got for Christmas two years ago. What do I keep them in?
My pocket
...The paper box they came in...what else?
The china cabinet in my room
A plastic card case, because the box fell apart
A navy blue tin with snowflakes and reindeer on it
My laptop bag, ooOOooo how clEver of an answer
Nothing, they`re just loose in a drawer
A navy blue tin with stars on it
None of the above / What are you talking about? (ah shut up, you know the cards I mean)
9. How many stuffed animals are there on the second shelf of the aforementioned china cabinet?
Four hundred and thirty five (But they`re all really small)
None, the shelf is entirely taken up by my animal figurines
None of the above / I don`t own any of those. Stuffed animals, I mean.
10. What`s that book I was waiting for for nine months? The Wings of Fire one? YOU should remember, Mom :P
Winter Turning
The Hive Queen
The Dragonet Prophecy
Talons of Power
The Dark Secret
The Poison Jungle
Escaping Peril
The Lost Heir
The Lost Continent
None of the above / All of the above. Yes, you read that right. I was gonna read the whole series.
11. Which series do I own a full box set of?
Five Kingdoms, Fablehaven, and Foxcraft
Five Kingdoms and Beyonders
Dragonwatch and Seekers
Candy Shop War and Survivors
Inheritance and Fablehaven
Warriors (Do you have any idea how many books are in that series???)
Wings of Fire (That`s at least a little bit more reasonable...)
Literally every book series I have ever read, I own a box set of. I can`t escape my room. Help.
None of the above / I eat books
12. Which of these animals do I NOT have a plastic figurine of?
White tiger
Boa constrictor
Snow leopard
Arctic fox
Black panther
... (A "None of the above" option was not provided. I have a lot of figurines.)
13. What`s on my whiteboard right now?
A large drawing of Rouxls Kaard, a small doodle of Flowey, and a list
Way too many quotes from video game characters
A drawing of Rain. No, not rain. Rain. Capital R. She`s a character.
Too many doodles to properly identify them all
A lot of notes and reminders that I haven`t bothered to erase yet
Quotes and photos from visiting celebrities
A few sketches of Setara
A drawing of Flowey
Nothing, just my signature and a smiley face
None of the above / Miscellaneous random objects that I glued to the whiteboard
14. This`ll be easy for anyone who lives with me. Sorry. How many fans are in my room?
Two, but they`re not running because it`s cold
Seven. Seven human sou--nO STOP IT
None of the above / Too many to count
15. And why do I like cold weather?
I enjoy the soothing touch of frostbite
It`s fun to watch people slip and fall
I can go outside, get cold, go back in, and put an icy hand on someone`s face
It reminds me of my soul
I like violently exhaling and pretending I`m a dragon
I like to see the coats and hoodies people have
I can make "cool" puns
I can bundle up in soft blankets and be all cozy
I love to throw snowballs at people
None of the above / zzz_c. What does that mean? Wouldn`t you like to know :)
16. Remember the character I mentioned earlier? Rain? Who is she? (If it helps to jog your memory, she`s the one with the mossy cloak.)
My Hollow Knight persona
A stuffed animal I have
An Undertale OC
My persona. Not tied to any fandoms. Just a person.
An OC of mine. Not a persona, or fursona, or whatever. Just a character.
Rain, huh? That`s... a very generic name. (I know. But I liked it.)
Me as a cat. Yes, I drew a cat with a cloak. What`s wrong with that?
Me, but as a dog. I was lying about the cloak.
Me, but as a fox! See all these unique and totally different answers?
None of the above / I was LYING, there isn`t a character named Rain :)
17. Which two fast food places would I be content eating at nearly every day?
Sonic and Taco Bell
Sonic and Pizza Hut
Dairy Queen and Subway
Wendy`s and Subway
Grillby`s and David`s Burgers
Subway and Burger King
Wendy`s and Steak & Shake
Taco Bell and Burger King
Whataburger and McDonald`s
None of the above / One of the places listed here is fictional :)
18. My art got featured on Chicken Smoothie recently! It was a picture of Grimm. How long did the picture take me?
Twelve hours
74 minutes and five seconds
Six hours and thirteen minutes
Four hours
An entire day, nonstop
21.6 seconds
Nearly seven hours
Almost five hours
Sixteen minutes
None of the above / Even longer than the longest option
19. If you`re wondering why I haven`t asked a lot of Hollow Knight questions, it`s because I`ve already asked people most of those. So what`s my favorite breakfast food?
I don`t celebrate breakfast, it`s against my r e l i g i o n
The souls of the innocent
Two bagels
243 corn chips
French toast
None of the above / I eat dinner for breakfast
20. Out of these fictional spiders, which is my favorite? (There`s a reason I didn`t include Hornet. If I did, I wouldn`t be able to pick.)
The Minecraft spider
Herrah the Beast
Mask Maker. Is he a spider? I don`t even know.
The spider in LIMBO
Whichever spider was the one that trapped Zote in Deepnest
The White Lady. I know she`s not a spider. I just needed another character to fill this last gap.
None of the above / I`m not stingy with my money, I just didn`t have enough :(

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