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Persona   What is your Arcana  Part    Arcana       quiz. Another quiz made for RHS Chess  amp  Wargames Club  This one incorporates the arcana not in the first Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Persona - What is your Arcana? Part 2: Arcana 13-22
Another quiz made for RHS Chess & Wargames Club. This one incorporates the arcana not in the first.

1. When you go out to lunch, your friends start having an argument. It is rapidly getting out of hand, and people in the resturant are staring. What do you do?
Side with the guy who I support.
Tell them both to calm down, and that we are in public.
Laugh awkwardly.
Leave with any of my friends who do not feel like being embarrassed.
I sit it out quietly and wait for them to stop.
I try and get them to stop, because Tom isn`t really against Zane, he just had a bad day.
I smile throughout and try and have a good lunch with my friends who are not arguing.
I tell them both to be quiet, and then take them out of the resturant after paying.
2. You have an important project coming up. However, one of your friends is having a birthday party the night you were saving to work on the project. What do you do?
I finish the project; it is the only thing I can do.
I get the work done as quickly as possible, and go to the party late.
I just go to the party.
I go to the party, and skip school the next day to finish the project.
I go to the party and work on the project there.
I go to the party; my friend would be sad if I did not.
I go to the party and have fun, thinking of what to do about the work after the party is over.
I go to the party, and do whatever I have to do to finish the project.
3. You are in class when you start to notice something is wrong with one of your friends. What do you do?
Make a mental note to ask them about it later.
I do my class work, but ask them right after class if they are okay.
I ask them right away if they are alright.
Why do I care? They are probably fine.
I whisper to them to see if they are alright.
I remember about their allergies, and figure that they are simply acting up. I go back to my work.
I am sure they are fine; I continue working.
I get up and check to make sure they are alright.
4. Please describe yourself in one word.
5. You are getting married! What do you do the night before the wedding?
I read books about what to do as a newlywed.
I relax and get ready for my wedding.
Throw a kick-ass party! Last night as a free man!
I make sure that I look perfect for tomorrow.
I call my fiance and talk to them all night.
I check to make sure the plans are perfect, and then sleep easy.
I spend the night with my friends, talking about how wonderful the next day is going to be.
I get a good night`s sleep so I am well-rested for tomorrow.

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